Mentorship, Education, Advocacy

Looking for help? How to train for the CPAT and the Physical Agility? Need a mock interview? Wondering what to wear to that interview? You can expect to be assigned a crew with a team captain to help guide conversations, zoom meetings, group text chats, and meet ups. Ask questions, support one another, carpool to tests and training. Check out our Testimonials...

WFA Mentorship Teams


Melissa Hillis

“My team has amazing chemistry... we have a group chat full of encouragement, pictures, inspirational quotes, jokes, and yes a few tears. We remember to  celebrate each other’s accomplishments and pick each other up when one of us needs it.”

Engineer Hillis is a founding member of the WFA

Erin Regan

“Mentorship is the best way for me to give back to the profession that has given me so much.  It is so rewarding to lift up women that are interested in this career and help them to build experience, knowledge, confidence, and the physical readiness to succeed in the fire service.”

FF/PM is a founding member of the WFA

Naomi Forgay

After a few years of patience, dedication and hard work, I was hired with the West Covina Fire Department and am honored to be one of the first female firefighters within the department. When I got hired, I was placed with a WFA mentor, Melissa Hillis. Engineer Hillis mentored me through my year of probation, gave me valuable advice, a lot of knowledge and cheered me on along the way. 

Seeing the impact the WFA made on me, provided me with an amazing mentor through the alliance, Engineer Melissa Hillis, has inspired me to be that helping hand for other Women who want to pursue a career in firefighting. I am now a proud mentor for the WFA and hope to inspire others to be ambitious in their goals of becoming a firefighter.


Deena Lee 
(Fire Chief, Ret.)

“The opportunity to meet and be mentored by women in the battalion chief rank inspired me to take the promotional test. I scored #1 and became the first female battalion chief in the South Bay.”

Chief Lee is a founding member of the WFA

Christina Coulson

"I can say that without the support from the WFA, I may not be where I am today… Having a group of your peers to lean on for answers and support has been a vital aspect of my success in becoming a fulltime firefighter. This crucial support is what I got from the WFA. I looked to my female peers and mentors during the hiring process, throughout my academy, and even now off probation, for guidance and leadership. This support came as phone calls, in-person meetings or a quick text, both day and night."