Equitable Opportunity 

Women’s Fire Alliance plays an active role in bringing awareness to hiring opportunities available to those interested in a career in the fire service.

Our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion

Firefighter Candidate Testing Center

Many applications require a submission of a written test and a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

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Firefighter Hiring Opportunities 

There are multiple sites in use for firefighter job postings, as you will see above. Here is another link you can utilize in your search process.

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CPAT Practice

Practice makes perfect!

Sign up to practice your skills with the LAFD. The LAFD hosts CPAT practice Wednesday nights from 5pm-7pm

For more information reach out to LAFD FF/PM Melissa Kelley - [email protected]

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Additional Firefighter Hiring Opportunities

Most advertised firefighter hiring opportunities can be found at governmentjobs.com just enter “fire” as the key search word.

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Biddle Physical Ability Test

The Biddle is a physical ability test similar to the CPAT with different events and different scoring. Pay attention to the strict failure points

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LAFD Crew 3 -Volunteer Opportunity

"LAFD Crew 3 is a Volunteer Type II Handcrew managed by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Crew 3 Members receive wildland classes and hands-on training as well as career guidance to help with successful careers in the Fire Service. Crew 3 is managed and run by LAFD Members with extensive wildland training and handcrew experience."

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